02 agosto 2012

Video promo to discovery Apollonia - Fier Albania,was an important port along the route between Rome and Byzantium

The archaeological site of Apollonia is located in central-western part of Albania, about 10 km west of Fier. Apollonia was founded in 558 BC by settlers from Corfu and Corinth.
The ancient site of Apollonia was an important port along the route between Rome and Byzantium. Emperor Octavian Augustus studied philosophy there, and later Aristotle mentioned the town in his book. According to the estimations, during its glorious period, about 60,000 inhabitants lived in the town, which was surrounded by a 4 km long wall.
Among the most interesting monuments of the site are the Bouleterion (city council), the library, the triumphal arch, the temple of Artemis and the Odeon.
In the 3rd -4th centuries A.D. Apollonia suffered serious destruction from several earthquakes and the town went into a rapid decline. The ruins of Appolonia serve as an open Archaeological Museum, now.
Next to The archaeological site the Monastery and Church of Saint Mary can be found. The monastery complex was built in the 13th century and one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture in Albania. The monastery houses the Apollonia Museum but at the time of writing the building is under renovation.

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