13 agosto 2012

Liqenet e Lures,diber-Albania, The Park of Lura discovery albania 2012..

The Park of Lura is positioned in the eastern part of the mountains “The crown of Lura” (“Kunora e Lurës“). The park is special not only for the wonderful forests, but also for the glacial lakes.

There are 14 glacial lakes, from which the biggest ones are: Liqeni i Pishave (Pine Lake), Liqeni i Madh (The big Lake), Liqeni i zi (The black Lake), Liqeni i Luleve (The flowers Lake), Liqeni i Lopëve (The caws Lake), etc. During winter these lakes are covered by ice, but in summer they offer a magnificent view, where the cold water of natural sources, the white rocks, the fragrance of the flowers make you believe that you are walking through a fairy tale setting.

Lura is known as the pearl of Albanian Mountains. Foreign historians and visitors are always impressed by this rare natural beauty. Edith Durham in his diary writes: “When I came up the Qafë Lurë, I saw such a beautiful field, that I had never seen in any place of Balkan.”

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