30 aprile 2012

Albania Tourism, KAYAKING


With beautiful lakes like Lake Mati and the Osumi River, Albania offers a great opportunity of kayaking for the adventure lovers. Kayaking is a wonderful, exploratory experience giving opportunity to witness and feel the beauty of aquatic life. It is the most exciting water sport in Albania. One really feels enthralled and exhilarating kayaking down the rapids and playing with every wave of the river.
Kayakers opting for white water kayaking, have the chance to experience the playful moods of the waves by deciding on for any of the rivers such as the Kir, the Fani i Vogel and the Valbona on the northern part and the Osum, The Vjosa and the Devoll in the southern part of the country. Riding on the kayaks in Lake Mati in Northern Albania gives the kayakers the chance to venerate the beautiful and panoramic surroundings of the lake. Kayaking on the Osumi River near the Berat city in the Southern Albania is truly a unique experience in itself.
One can also take pleasure in sea kayaking in Albania. The stunning Ionian coast gives ample openings for the kayakers to go kayaking on the big and phenomenal waves. One can also witness the beautiful white beaches, Mediterranean flora, hills covered with citrus and olive plantations and some hidden bays. Parallel to kayaking one can also enjoy swimming, fishing and camping as well. Kayaking trips can be combined with site seeing like visiting some famous tourists’ attractions or historical places.
On the whole, Albania is an incredible place for kayak enthusiasts.

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