09 agosto 2012

Eksplorim Kanioni - Canyon Exploration in Albania tourism 2012

Pubblicato in data 08/ago/2012 da AlbaniaRaftingGroup

The present expedition, outdoor adventure in Albania, is offered by the sportive association Albania Rafting Group, during August and September. The canyon exploration lasts 4 to 5 hours, depending on the pace and on the experiencing of the group, and there are described 14 km of the most beautiful part of Osumi-s Canyon, Skrapar.
The canyon has a unique ecosystem that you should not lose without exploring at least once. At a time when temperatures mark 40 degrees Celsius , they descend into the canyonup to 10 degrees Celsius. During this group, under the escort of guides of ARG, you experience different adventures such as hiking along the river bed between the slopes of the canyon; swimming in the Osumi River, where the it is only opportunity of passing; climbing on some of the canyon trails.

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