07 settembre 2012

Skenderbeg Warrior King of Albania Price of Epirus and Emathia

Follow the life of Skenderbeg the Great the New Leader Alexander and the struggle of the Albanian people for Independence. Held as one of the Greatest Military geniuses of his time Gjergj Kastrioti was truly a descendant from his forefather Alexander the Great. The name "IskenderBej' in Turkish literally means Leader Alexander and Skenderbeg is often seen as Alexander the III. Always outnumbered and always at a disadvantage the Albanians still managed to destroy the Ottoman Armies. Twice the Castle of Kruja was surrounded by an Ottoman army of 160,000 troops. And they were defeated and forced to retreat by an Albanian force of less than 10,000 men under the Leadership of Skenderbeg. The cock suckers who made this documentary managed to throw in some religious propaganda but If you like it buy the DVD I believe its English Dub


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