30 luglio 2014

Albania as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

ALBANIA, Albania

Albania is a country that belongs to southeastern Europe. MORE than half of the terrain is mountainous and the entire country experiences diverse climatic conditions during winter and summer seasons. A splendid array of flora and fauna is interspersed with traditional cities and flanked by coral fringed coastline of translucent tropical waters.
Nestled between Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro boasts of its blue and turquoise seas, beautiful beaches, rivers, lakes, snow peaked mountains and forests. Apart from its natural beauty, Albania is well known for its warm welcome and hospitality. For the traveler who is interested in ancient architecture and historical monuments, Albania has many such places. Tirana – the capital city, Vlora, Korce, Suranda opposite to Corfu Island and Shkodra are the places with many palaces, ancient monuments, shrines of different religions and bustling bazaars. Albania is HOME to many luxury resorts and has a plenty of opportunities for water sports and other adventurism.

Albania as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

Albania, an unspoiled land, well known for its natural beauty and cultures, and is FAST becoming one of the worlds most interesting romantic getaways.  Albania is Europe’s undiscovered jewel – a melting point of culture and exotic influence.
This diverse land consists of white sand beaches, tidal flats, tropical rainforests, freshwater lakes and an intra-mix of ancient culture and arts – perfect for a romantic gateway. Enjoy the romance of Albania with a wide range of luxury accommodations perfect for honeymoon night. Experience some of the world’s most impressive marine life or walk through the streets of colonial towns seeing old architectural monuments and passing to bazaars while hand-in-hand with your PARTNER. You can either go to Corfu island that have its own unique charm and character that will entertain both of you with a lot of offerings.
Albania has stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches. It has many rivers originating from the high mountains making way to the sea. Its specialty is Beach HOTELS IN THE Albanian Riviera with 90 Coastline Hotels from Adriatic to the most famous Blue Coast of Ionian which own a private beach for a great romantic vacation.
Why Visit Albania as Romantic Getaways?
  • Bird Watching in the coastal wetlands of Karavastaja.
  • Strolling in the streets of old towns and exploring archeological sites.
  • Candle light Dinner in old palaces is nothing can be compared.
  • If you want to take a historical tour just take a round of the towns of Butrint, Gjirokaster, Berat, Durres and many others would not make you feel disappoint.
Beaches and Water Sports in Albania
For those, who prefer a relaxing way of spending their Albania romantic holidays, Albanian seaside is perfect. It has beautiful beaches of the Ionian and Adriatic seas combined with great Mediterranean climate and delicious Albanian freshly caught seafood will make your romantic holiday MORE delightful.
In Albania, there are plenty of thing to do like Sea kayaking, Rafting, Cycling, Snowshoeing. For a romantic getaway it has a wide range of hotels located close to the beaches of the Albanian Coastlines. If you want to bask in the Ionian & Adriatic coastal sunshine, take part in water SPORT activities, the beaches of Albania give you the chance to do it all.
Albanian National Parks:
Dajti National Park, Lura National Park, Divjaka Pines National Park, Llogara Park, Fir of Drenova National Park, Valbona Valley National Park, Tomorri Mountain Park, Fir of Hotova National Park, Shtam Pass National Park, Zall Gjocaj National Park, Prespa National Park, Butrint National Park, Thethi National Park, Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park
Coastal Tourism in Albania
Adriatic Coast : By the Adriatic coast you will find clean sea waters, HIGH quality service, traditional and modern cuisine, lagoons, lakes and rivers. There are great possibilities for nature lovers, eco-tourists and others.
Ionian coast : Some large tectonic bays are Vlora Bay, PORTO Palermo, Saranda Bay etc. Here you can dive, sail, fish etc.

Things to consider

The MAIN problem to a viable tourism industry is the lack of a clear strategy. By far, tourism is not seen as the main economic industry of the country. Some problematic issues include spatial planning such as illegal construction, unregulated waste disposal, poor road and public utilities infrastructure, illegal logging and hunting, and unclear land ownership.

Albania romantic destination is also famous for

Albania BEST time to Visit
Albania has two main seasons – summers and winters. Summers are hot & dry while winters are quite humid & miserable in the country. Albania has a mild, Mediterranean climate. The country enjoys a good DEAL of sunny weather, with an average of around 300 sunny days each year. The best time to visit is from April to October.
Best Season: April to October.
Summers: April to October. In the summer, visitors often find the inland towns to be quite hot, with July usually BEING the warmest month.
Winters: November to March. In Tirana and in other inland cities on the plains, temperature sometimes drops below freezing, but this is usually only at night, and it is rare for ice or snow to last MORE than a day.
Monsoons: Most of Albania’s annual rainfall occurs between late autumn and early spring; outside of the mountainous areas, it is unusual for it to rain in summer.http://www.romanticbug.com/albania.html

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