13 giugno 2012

Vlora Albania 2012 Palms, beach, mountains, fun and party

Vlora in Albania what a beautiful place... Palms anywhere (it looks Miami Beach years ago) clean beach at Orikum, after llogora, palase beach and more... so beautiful, the Mountains very close to the beach and a lot of fun and party time... Ideal for vacations.. love it
Offshoring safe location for new corporate business to enjoy your business, food, weather in our vacations city. In this video Mrs. Vasilika owner of the Vlora International Hotel with VIP services for our guest. For more info visit our web page: http://www.newbusinessrelocation.com/offshoring_safe_location_new_corporate_b...
Vlora offers a great environment and tourism places to visit and enjoy it the whole year, with 300 sunny days per year is the perfect location to stay for business or vacations, eating mediterranean diet food, great wine, olive oil, doing mountains and beach sports and Perfect High life style
VLORA A SAFE CITY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN PARADISE offer a high quality life for it's citizens and to foreigners. A multicultural and multilingual popolation give us a plus to enjoy the city and it's beautiful beach side, furthermore a great Mediterranean diet food, with olive oil, organic food and a rich variety of seafood to the most exigent people
Business relocation in Europe, discover the "Made in Vlora" the new European safe business relocation way to produce your industrial products reducing manufacturing operations cost, Paying less taxes, in an ecological environment, having BANK CREDIT, using local skilled technicians and workers in one of our Industrial manufacturing and Technology park or Virtual Office supported by our business centre, to increase your corporate profit
Saving money is a big advantage of offshoring but its not the only benefit. The following other positive results achieved for offshore outsourcing and industrial business relocation in Vlora:
Industrial ecological park land for only Euro 30 / m2, Albania government concession for 35 years + 35 year
Professional business centre and multilingual staff to support your business, in administration procedures, official documents, export sales, international marketing
The new companies will paid only 10% of taxes from the annual business profit, allowing to invest increasing their capital and annual profit
Skilled technitians and manufacturing workers cost from Euro 200 per month, for industrial manufacturers and corporation management
Professional staff with fluent English, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, allowing your company to export your products worldwide
Strategic eco location Europe, front to Italy in the Adriatic sea, allowing an easy logistics procedure
Made in Vlora manufacturing process respects natural ecological environment

Made in Vlora is the European solution to relocate your facilities, including machines and workers, from your country to Vlora. We offer a complete package of international and local support to follow each procedure of your new warehouse, from design, construction to final test and setup in Vlora
WAREHOUSE RELOCATION The Made in Vlora organization offers engineering development of new production, assembly and process facilities plus the whole technical setup of each manufacturing area according to your products and market,..
CONSTRUCTION, INSTALLATION AND START UP our European engineering department and technitians will setup all the documents procedure and material necessary to build your perfect warehouse, including power, water, air, fuel, raw materials and installation requirements. Oue team has been trained to meet and exceed our industrial customers requirements. http://www.miamimanufacturingguide.com/
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