28 maggio 2012

Rafting in Albania - Osumi River - IPKO Team 2012

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Have you ever thought to try the unique experience of rafting in Albania even if you are a beginner and you feel a bit unsafe? Here's what will happen if you will trust us in this setup the upcoming RAFTING FOR EVERYONEt. Team meets in Berat and joins the group to leave, with our vehicles to Buzuq. Before starting the adventure the group will be guided by a "lecture" to all the techniques and tricks needed to be used in rafting. All are actively involved in rafting sport using the power of dig and shovel, following and implementing the correct instruction and commands of the Professional Guide.

Albania Rafting Group is the first association of rafting sport in Albania, licensed from Gruppo Canoe Terni, in april 1994 and the only one with a completed professional staff.

Albania Rafting group is an association created with the decision number 2593 of Tirana law court.

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