25 maggio 2012

Outdoor Albania Trips into Albanian nature and culture


Outdoor Albania Trips into Albanian nature and culture

We are a specialist travel agency/tour operator, located in Tirana, 
Albania. We were found in 1992 by travelers who pioneered sustainable tourism (eco travel) in Albania. We love our country and we love to show our guests, who come from all over the world, the wonderful beauty, culture and traditions of this little known corner of the Mediterranean.
Explore a unique and diverse culture. Take part in traditions as old as the land itself.
Leave the urban landscape behind and prepare for adventures in a wild and untamed country.
adventure heritage
Be a part of uncovering the tapestry of Albanian history. Unravel a rich and distinct heritage.

 Outdoor Albania
Rr. Sami Frasheri, Pallati "Metropol", Tirana, Albania
tel: +355 42 227 121 | fax: +355 42 227 121
email: info@outdooralbania.com
skype: Outdoor Albania

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