29 dicembre 2012

Pushime ne Dardh, Korce- Albania ne sezonin dimeror 2013 shija e nje dimri ........

Dardha remains one of the best destinations for the holiday makers, regardless the season of the year. Summer and winter are the two seasons with most visitors, and their presence creates a real celebration. The Dardhe tourist village has attracted foreign and Albanian visitors through sportive tourism, and this weekend it was full of people. The wonderful nature and everything else of this village has created a relaxing and entertaining environment. Besides Summer, Winter remains much preferred for the holiday makers who frequent the Dardhe tourist village. People from every corner of Albania visit Dardha where an agenda is not needed for having a good time. The ski track is on one of the best attractions in winter, while the traditional dishes of the area have become famous. Besides the restaurants and hotels, the residents of this village have been applying family tourism for years.

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