28 gennaio 2013

VOSKOPOJE,Korçe - ALBANIA video promo

Voskopoje is located at a distance of 21 km from Korçë, in the mountains of southeastern Albania, at an altitude of 1160 meters. The village has a population of about 500. Because of its high altitude Voskopoje is a ski resort.
Toward the end of the 18th century, the city flourished due to commerce with Germany, Venice and Constantinople and it had various manufacturing plants, around 70 churches, banks, a printing press (the only other press of Ottoman Europe was in Istanbul), and even a university (The Greek Academy, or Hellēnikon Phrontistērion, founded in 1744
As a major trading and intellectual center of that time, it hosted the first printing press in the Balkans outside Istanbul, educational institutions and numerous churches
The following historic monuments remain in Voskopoje:

Church of Saint Nicholas (Shën Kolli)
Church of Saint Mary (Shën Mëria)
Church of Saint Athanasius (Shën Thanasi)
Church of Saint Michael (Shën Mëhilli)
Church of Saint Elijah (Shën Ilia)
Church of Saint Charalampus (Shën Harallambi), ruined
Monastery of Saint John the Baptist (Shën Prodhromi
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