28 luglio 2016

Protect and Promote The natural heritage of Albania

  • Protect and Promote The natural heritage of Albania

  • June 27, 2016
  • “The morning stone”, photography of Klod Braha from Kukes was the winner of the photo contest ‘Protect & Promote’ 2 organized by Argjiro in the framework of IPA cross border project Living in the Border funded by European delegation in Tirana.
    60 young people from Albania and Kosovo having for focus the natural and cultural beauties of Kukes and Prizren area have participated to the contest. 9 best photos were chosen from an international jury composed by: Virginie Caquot, French photographer,  Romain Bijeard, Patrimoine sans Frontieres, France, Andi Tepelena, ArtKontakt,  Ilda Mara, Argjiro,  Irsida Bejo, Architect from USA, Jonathan Eaton, Cultural Heritage without Borders – Albania,  Mesut Tufan, franco-turc historian, Denion Nderika, Albanian correspondent, Illyria, USA.
    This is a second edition of “Protect and Promote” was open to youth and young adults (<30 years old) throughout the cross-border region. The title of the contest emphasizes the role of publicity and local public engagement in valuing and defending natural and cultural heritage. This photographic search seeks to express and communicate local identity through artistic perceptions of natural and cultural heritage. The call for participation in this contest was publicly distributed widely throughout the project area, promoted by both digital and physical means. This activity aims to engage young people in their local  heritage, as well aspromotingthe need toprotectand engage with local cultural and natural resources.
    On Friday, 24 June 2016, was inaugurated in Kukes, in collaboration with the Kukes Municipality and the Youth Council of Kukes the travelling exhibition with 9 finalists of the photo contest.
    The second part will be a travelling exhibition of the contest finalists, whose work will be displayed in two cities on each side of the border in the project area.
    The exhibition of photographs of: Rovena Vata, Irda  Bajraktari, Suada Muraku, Arjola Domi, Olsi Belishta, Nardi Prifti,  Klod Braha, Artur Kurtallari, Ilirjana Ademaj will remain one month in Kukes, than it will travel to Prizren, Kosovo during August and in September will be shown in Tirana.
    Argjiro together with the Develepment Hub in Kosovo and Cultural Heritage without Borders -  CHWB Albania,  through the  EU funded project Living in the Border has for  goal the sustainable economic development in the cross-border region is to create and maintain prosperous social, economic, and ecological systems. The aim  is to  involve local authorities, local communities, youth and artisans in the region of Kukës and Prizren to promote their cultural heritage, their traditional artisanat .  This project intends to mobilise local resources from non-governmental, governmental and small enterprise sectors as an important tool for sustainable social and economic development in the cross-border region, and by creating “best practice” examples based on the expertise from both sides of the borders. http://www.albaniannews.com/mobile/news_info.php?idm=6796

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