26 marzo 2015

Travel agencies to operate with a new contract model

Apollonia,_Albania_(by_Pudelek)_-_Monument_of_AgonothetesAlbanian clients have often faced difficulties and problems when dealing with private travel agencies that operate in the country. In order to eliminate these problems, The Ministry of Economic Development and GIZ company have conducted a new contract model for the travel packages which are offered by Albanian travel agencies.
The new model was announced by the President of the Touristic Operators Union, Sadik Malaj, according to which, the model outlines the criteria, the conditions and the obligations addressed to the touristic operators in Albania. Malaj declared that the new touristic contracts may be collectives or individuals and in cases the travel agencies do not meet the conditions or the set criteria, they will be penalized.
There are no official statistic regarding the number or the activities of travel agencies which operate in Albania since these entities do not have to possess a license to operate but they register at the National Registration Center.
Albania and GIZ have cooperated in many projects, financed by the German government. GIZ service provider cooperates with the Albanian government on behalf of the German government and manages its funds and projects which are addressed to Albania.
News source/photo credits: ATAPudelek (Wikimedia)

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