29 luglio 2015

National Coastal Agency to turn Sazan island into center of eco-tourism

National Coastal Agency to turn Sazan island into center of eco-tourism

sazanTIRANA, July 28 /ATA/ – The idea of a project to protect and open the Sazan island for the tourists was introduced more than a year ago and the National Coastal Agency has been closely collaborating with the France’s coastal protection agency “Conservatoire du littoral” – one of the world’s leading agencies for protected marine zones and tourism management – to develop the project.
The idea of the project was presented to the government as a plan designed to turn the former military base of Sazan into a centre of eco-tourism and cultural tourism as well into a first class tourist attraction by rigorously observing the island’s ecosystem and history.
In some ways, the project represents a sort of allegory of former communist Albania, an extremely beautiful country but, always so isolated and secluded from the rest of the world, surrounded by barbed wire and bunkers. For foreign visitors, the project represents a tremendous opportunity to discover and look inside the Cold War-era Albania, as well as to experience and witness the amazing beauty of Sazan’s nature.sazan
A day ahead of the official opening of the island for tourists, a group of young people arrived in the island aboard of Albanian naval fleet vessels. But the Sazan island will be open to any private sailing boat.
The area around the island of Sazan is a protected marine zone and boats and a no-sailing zone is established, restricting vessels from entering the area in a certain distance. The protected area is home to a very fragile marine ecosystem.
Besides the tourism aspect, the project includes establishment of a scientific research center on the island, which will carry out studies on marine ecosystems, naval archaeology, alternative energy by turning the center into a focus of cooperation with international universities.
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