31 ottobre 2012

SCUBA Diving Albania - Sirens Bay, Monestery Beach Reef, Ali Tepelena Island 7/2012

SCUBA Diving Albania Part 1 - Fisherboat and Probitas Wrecks

My first two SCUBA dives in Albania:
1 - The Fisherboat wreck was a fishing boat that sank in the bay of Saranda in the 1960s or 1970s during a storm.
2 - The Probitas wreck was an Italian ship sent to evacuate troops from Albania after Italy surrendered to the Allies. The Nazis sank the ship in the bay of Saranda.
Music: Aleksander Gjoka - Kenget e Rinise

3 - Sirens Bay - Rock reef, small cave, arch
4 - Monestery Beach Reef - Rock reef, grass
5 - Ali Tepelena Island - Wall reef and cave, remains of ancient ship wrecks.

Music: Xhamadani vija vija (Proud to be Albanian) - Iliret Kenga Origjinale

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