15 dicembre 2016

Top 10 Spiritual Places On Earth With The Strongest Energy Field, Berat including

Several places in the world allow us to connect with the divine  These are places where those who are sensitive to the energies have powerful dreams after sleeping there overnight, or mention encounters with indescribable feelings and clarity. Places like these have concentrated energy, on a spiritual level, which could give you answers to long-unanswered questions. Here are the top 10 places we believe to hold the strongest energy field:
1. Rila- Bulgaria – It might be surprising to learn that this mountain range is one of the energy centers of the world. Not coincidentally, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the 20th century, Beinsa Duno, chose to transmit wisdom in Rila, as a local Bulgarian. The area surrounding Rila’s Lakes possesses very strong energy. More sensitive individuals have felt it, and received odd dreams when they stayed in the area.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru – The Inca lost city is one of the places most famously linked to the world’s energy centers. Machu Picchu was built in a specific place, high atop the Andes. This wonder channels powerful energy and gives people an experience of something that just does not belong to our world.

3. Socotra – Socotra is comprised of four islands in the Indian Ocean off the Horn of Africa. The largest of these islands takes up approximately 95% of the total area of the archipelago. Its particular landscape has flora and fauna that look like something straight out of a science fiction movie, and can easily make you believe you are in another world, or in the prehistoric ages. Due to its isolation, Socotra has many specific species pf plant life that are unique and found nowhere else on earth. The spiritual energy found here is one that can connect the human soul directly with the cosmos.
4. The plateau Uluru, Australia – Found in the middle of the continental country, is Uluru- the spiritual center of Australia. Legend says that the plateau is hollow, and it is a spiritual energy source. The Aboriginal  people call this Tiukurpa, meaning Dreamtime. Ancient tribes around the plateau left behind many stories from the “Dreamtime,” which were painted in some of the surrounding caves. The tribes maintained the belief that when a person journeys to the plateau, they will receive spiritual visions.
5. Easter Island – This is one of the most famous places in the world, largely due to its enormous statues. Scientists have not been able to tell us who made them, and overall, the island is a complete mystery. Unfinished figures, and a ceremonial village with its 53 stone houses without windows and doors are just a couple of the peculiar remains. The biggest mystery, however, is the “Navel of the World.” It is said that this circular stone holds the secrets of the universe, and collects the most important spiritual energies of the Earth.
6. The Sanctuary Belintash – This ancient sanctuary, Belintash, in Bulgaria, is one of the three points  that forms one of the most prominent energy zones in Europe.  Belintash, Cross Forest, and Karadjov stone are the 3 points. Outlined on the rocky plateau are mirrored projections of key parts of our star chart. In the area surrounding Belintash, there is a strong energy, and thousands of people have experienced frequent paranormal phenomena
7. Berat, Albania – This is the pride of Albanian architecture, and is under UNESCO protection. Berat showcases an exquisite combination of eastern and western cultures, traditions and customs. The town is a treasure-trove of Albanian history and displays evident harmony between religion and culture. In Berat, people have mentioned their experiences with very powerful, spiritual healing energy.
8. Stonehenge, UK – Stonehenge is arguably the most famous megalithic structure in the world. Mosr likely dedicated to the Sun, Stonehenge is an ancient necropolis. It might have functioned as an astronomical observatory correlating with economic performance of the agricultural population.

9. The Bosnian Pyramids – They were here long before the Neolithic era. Radio-carbon analysis dates these pyramids before 12,350 years. According to this analysis, The Bosnian pyramids are 1000’s of years older than the Egyptian pyramids. Underneath the pyramids they discovered 3 rooms and a tiny blue lake. The lake is filled with sterile, clean water,  and had no bacteria, algae, fungi, or microorganisms found in its contents. It is called “living water” because it can purify the body. What this means is that these facilities are “healing rooms.”
10. Peak Kailash, Tibet – The peak of this mount holds religious significance for 2 religions – Buddhism, and Hinduism. Both possess their own legends about the place, but reached unison with the belief that the very top is home to the gods. By climbing this summit, they believe you can reach spiritual bliss.

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