30 aprile 2012

Albania Tourism Vermosh – the artistry of the divine hands

Vermosh – the artistry of the divine hands

Vermosh Snow
Albanian highlands, popularly known as the Albanian Alps are the place where some of the beautiful traditional villages are snuggled where untouched and unmatched scenery of the nature is on display. And one such village is Vermosh in the city of Shkodra. Stunning landscapes and grand vistas of the dramatic Alps make this village a true paradise on the earth. Hiking the amazing mountains or skiing the snowy peaks, there is a lot more for the adventure loving people here.
This beautiful village is located in the Kelmend district of Northern Albania. It is 59 miles from the City of Shkodra. Vermosh is at a level of 1,100 meters above the sea level. There are various places of interests for tourists in the village of Vermosh. But the most eye-catching among them is the Qafa e Rrapshit that has Cemi River where one sees the crystal clear water creating a stunningly beautiful contrast with the surroundings. You can even enjoy fishing in the Cemi River. Vermosh is famous for its dairy product. So, with the traditional cuisine try out the dairy products, this will truly impress you.
Apart from sightseeing you can entertain and involve yourself in the exploratory and adventurous activities. Journey to Vermosh not only gives the tourists the chance to enjoy the mythical atmosphere but also an insight into the contemporary world. You will get to taste proverbial hospitality here. From Vermosh, the tourists can plan and go on excursion to the other surrounding scenic splendor in Albania. Valbona River valley, Selimaj and Ragam are the places one can explore. The mighty Alps compliment the unmatched beauty of these places. Near the Valbona River Valley is a National Park where one can be a witness to some rare species of flora and fauna.
The village of Vermosh is blessed with rare colors and beauty of the nature such that one is bound to wonder about artistry of the divine hand that made it. Thanks to;

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