30 aprile 2012

The enthralling city of Sarande Albania Tourism..

The enthralling city of Sarande

The striking and stunningly beautiful city of Sarande is truly a treat to the tourists in terms of its unique atmosphere and splendor. The panoramic view of the sea, the gentle and quite climate and the lushness of the rich flora make it a sought after tourist destination. One gets completely absorbed by the beauty of the place. For the fun- loving, adventure people, there are many adventure activities. One is surely to enjoy a quality vacation, when in Sarande.
Sarande is located on the Ionian coast, facing the Corfu islands of Greece. It is at a distance of 1.5 hour drive from the museum city, Gjirokaster. It is only few kilometers away from Butrint. Due to its proximity to the Ionian Sea, it experiences a Mediterranean climate. The wonderful location and the comforting climate make Sarande one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Albania.
Sarande is a gem in the Albanian coastline. There are many places of interests for the tourists in and around the city of Sarande.  The Blue Eye spring is just 18 kilometers from Sarande. The other natural attractions of this place include the villages of Pigeras, Borsh and Lukova.  The villages are known for the beautiful mountains, panoramic sea views and the olive-grove landscapes. The name of the city finds its origin from the Christian Monastery and is dedicated to Santi Quaranta meaning forty saints. Thus, one can also visit the ruins of this monastery. The Lekures castle is another important monument here. One can also explore the ancient city of Butrint.
The beaches allow various water sports like swimming, sailing, sunbathing. While in Sarande, sopping is a must-do as the city is famous for shopping centers and craft items. While in city enjoy some regional delicacies. The Sarande city offers a great deal of enjoyment and is a place one would keep coming back for more to explore. Thanks to ;

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