30 aprile 2012

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River Rafting

River Rafting
With its vast amazing, shoreline, snow capped mountains and unparallel beauty, Albania is one of the most interesting destinations for a getaway. In fact, for backpackers and adventure freaks, Albania is nothing less than a paradise. Albania offers a variety of adventurous activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, but a trip to Albania cannot be complete without river rafting. Visitors, especially, backpackers love trying and experiencing these adventures; in fact they usually have travel insurance for backpackers with them, so they can take up various adventures without any worries or tension.
Albania offers a variety of destinations where visitors can enjoy river rafting but the white river rafting in Osumi River is most popular and adventurous compared to all. It not only allows enthusiasts to have over-the-top adventure but also gives them a chance to see spectacular canyons that are present in the river. If one doesn’t go for river rafting, there is no other way of witnessing these amazing canyons as they are not open to visitors. Corovado Canyons of the Osumi River in city of Berat come under the UNESCO World Heritage List and date back to around 2-3 million years. One of the attractive features of these canyons is that the water quickly changes from smooth to choppy which adds to the adventure. People can also try river rafting through the wild and beautiful valley in Vjosa River situated in the region of Permet.
River rafting is conducted under the supervision of expert, qualified guides and many hotels organize rafting on weekends. There is a variety of rafting tours available differing on the length of the distance covered and the cost of rafting also differs accordingly. For Corovado canyons, one can find rafting tours from 8 kilometers to around 12 kilometers. Spring, from February to June, is the best time to try river rafting in Albania as one can witness many splendid waterfalls due to melting snow. Most of the tourists love the experience of waterfalls thundering from above while they pass below rafting in their boats. As the waters in Osmi River are of difficulty level II, river rafting here doesn’t need previous training or experience.
Beautiful sights and breath taking scenery makes river rafting in Albania a lifetime experience and a must-do not only for backpackers and adventure enthusiasts but for every visitor coming to Albania.

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