30 aprile 2012

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National Parks

National Park
Albania is notably recognized for its rich biological and landscape diversity. Almost three quarters of the country is densely covered with natural vegetation making it one of the greenest countries in the world. This majorly contributes for maintaining and protecting the rich flora and fauna in the form of National Parks. There are various national parks in Albania that hold a great significance in the wildlife tourism of the country. Major parts of site seeing in Albanian tour constitute the National Parks.
The most eminent National Parks in Albania are:
  • Prespa National Park – Straddling the borders of Albania, Greece and Macedonia, this national park has an area of 27,750 hectares. It features the Greater Prespa Lake and the Small Prespa Lake and the surrounding area. In addition to the national park, the region is also famous for its churches and monasteries and the Byzantine culture. The greater and Small Prespa Lakes now collectively constitute the Balkan Prespa Park.
  • Butrint National Park – It’s an eminent national park that received the status of World Heritage by UNESCO. Located 25 kilometers away from the city of Saranda, with an area of 2500 hectare, it is a place of great scientific, tourist and archeological substance along with opulent diversity. Its topography offers the tourists to enjoy other activities like water sports, fishing, hiking, etc.
  • Thethi National Park – Finding its location in the Albanian Alps, it is positioned in an area of 2630 hectare. It is 70 kilometers away from Shkodra, situated along the River Thethi and has many mountain trout. The Grunus Waterfall is an enticement of great value. Several rare animal and plant species are found here.
Some other National Parks of great significance are:
  • Dajti National Park
  • Lura National Park
  • Tomarri National Park
  • Shebenik Jabllanice National Park
  • Lura National Park
The National Parks in Albania are worth visiting to witness the rarity and diversity of this country.

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