19 giugno 2015

Daily Mail: Himara beach,Albania one of the best Mediterranean beaches


Daily Mail has listed the most beautiful beaches you can find in the Mediterranean Sea, entitling the article “From an island you can walk to from the shore to a stunning cove only accessible by 347 steps: The most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean revealed” where Himara beach is included.
“For those looking for a relaxing getaway, look no further than these mostly unspoiled (and beautiful) beaches,” says the article, which describes Albania as “a region full of white sandy beaches, olive and citrus trees and stunning Byzantine architecture. Also known for its seaside promenade, Himare has a largely ethnically Greek population, meaning that the culture has been preserved through the old town of Kastro and the local Greek taverns. Take a dip in the Ionian Sea and enjoy the breathtaking 2000-metre high Llogara mountains to the northeast, all while perfecting your tan.”
Photos of Himara beach 
himara 3
Photos: Instagram / allabouthimaraalba.aslinsagramalbanialedionqoshku
- See more at: http://invest-in-albania.org/daily-mail-himara-beach-one-of-the-best-mediterranean-beaches/#sthash.UeLFdwtO.dpuf

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